Markkuu nature trail 10 km – Home to the cute little wren

Markkuu nature trail 10 km – Home to the cute little wren

Pine forests with lichen-covered undergrowth, meandering river gorges, lush groves and meadows. The Markkuu nature trail with its forests is a natural treasure that you don’t expect to find in the surroundings dominated by fields and open landscape as far as the eye can see. The nature trail, with its wren (in Finnish, peukaloinen) habitats, provide you with a unique nature experience only half an hour's drive from Oulu.

The circular route is about 10 kilometers in length around the River Ängeslevänjoki and its tributaries. One of the cutest inhabitants of the diverse nature along the trail is Markkuu’s mascot bird, the wren. On your excursion, you can also explore the traces and geological formations left by the Ice Age and the history of the region. There are also bits of Finnish poetry and literature on plaques, encouraging you to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

The path initially runs through a gentle cultural landscape. A suspension bridge about one kilometer from the starting point takes you over the river into a forested area. The route can be occasionally demanding as it travels along the steep river slopes.

There are two well-equipped campfire sites along the trail. Right at the beginning of the nature trail, during the first 100 meters, you can find a children’s adventure course The Forest elves’ path, and after 700 meters, you will find the first campsite with a wooden tipi-like hut, a spot for campfire, toilet and even a small playground for children. You will find the second campsite halfway through the route, after about 5 kilometers, with a wooden lean-to shelter and a spot for a campfire. Both of the campsites allow you to spend the night there, either using the huts and shelters or with your own tent.

The nature trail begins at the Nature and wellness center Peukaloinen, address Ängeslevän Ylipääntie 6, Tyrnävä. The nature trail has been established and is maintained by the local village association Markkuun Seudun Kyläyhdistys ry.

Koirien kanssa luontopolulla.Riippusilta noin kilometrin päässä reitin alusta.Pidä tauko ja nauti maisemasta kyltistä löytyvän runon kera.
Koirien kanssa luontopolulla.
Riippusilta noin kilometrin päässä reitin alusta.
Pidä tauko ja nauti maisemasta kyltistä löytyvän runon kera.