Bridges of Temmes Cycling Event

Bridges of Temmes Cycling Event

Temmes is renowned for its 11 bridges. The now traditional Bridges of Temmes Cycling Event takes you through the atmospheric, historic bridges of Temmes and the beautiful landscapes along the Temmes River. You'll explore historical sites, immerse yourself in local culture, and experience a village community where both young and old come together. The route changes annually and can be up to 14 kilometers long.

The bridges are a great cycling destination throughout the summer

While the one-day event is held annually (in 2024, it will take place on Saturday, August 10, starting at 10:00 AM from the Village Hall Wäinölä, Pajulantie 2A, Tyrnävä), the scenic riverside and bridges of Temmes are a recommended cycling destination all summer long!

Bridges (finnish: silta) in order from north to south crossing the Temmes River: Mäkelän silta, Mikkolan myllysilta, Vikiön silta, Perttulan silta, Haapaniemen silta, Hongan silta, Vanhantienvarren silta, Museon silta, Sillankorvan silta, Poikatemmeksen silta ja Koskelan silta.

With beautiful nature around, leisurely picnic breaks, and fresh air—what more do you need for an unforgettable trip?

The Origin of the Bridges

In the past, the bridges of Temmes were the only means for many residents to access the village. Almost every house had a bridge, which was lifted onto dry land during winter floods. The bridges allowed quicker access to the opposite riverbank, facilitated communication between houses, and enabled safe transportation of goods by horse-drawn carriages across the river.

The Honka Bridge collapsed in the early 1960s; the current bridge is a romantic spot where you can attach a love lock as a memento. The Museum Suspension Bridge was built by the local heritage association in the 1970s. The Perttula Bridge was originally from Rantsila and has witnessed many dances at its new location. There is a lean-to near the Haapaniemi Bridge where you can have a picnic and take a break.

Siltojen Temmes Cycling EventThe beautiful riverside and bridges of TemmesAtmospheric August nights on the bridges
Siltojen Temmes Cycling Event
The beautiful riverside and bridges of Temmes
Atmospheric August nights on the bridges